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about orbe

Orbe Yorgenis is an amazingly talented Cuban artist in the Urban genre. His style is characterised by his smooth flow & versatility; and his lyrics ooze of positive, tropical vibes. He emerged in the music scene in 2000 and has played many different styles since, making him the versatile musician he is today. 

His musical roots can be found in Santiago de Cuba; he was inspired by the Cuban traditional music Son and of course the warm Cuban salsa known as Timba. Later on Pop Music, Hip Hop and Reggaeton became a great source of inspiration.

Together with other renowned Cuban artists he released “El Klan d’los Problematikos”; a Hip Hop album that is characterised by the use of different Caribbean and Latin rhythms like Bossa Nova, Reggae, Dancehall and others.

He performed on festivals in front of large crowds, taking the audience on a musical journey with his unique flow.

In 2016 he left Cuba; leaving behind his family, friends and musical partners to be reunited with the love of his life. Getting settled in The Netherlands his musical career faded to the background. But then in 2019 he reunited with his other big love and got back into the studio. His latest release is L O C A.

Now available on Spotify and other stores!


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